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Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Sanjay Kumar
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MVSIT- Technoledge is an expository journal aimed at recent advancements in Science, Technology and Management. It publishes scholarly articles and applied research intended to enhance the knowledge of readers by providing a forum for informative, well-written articles, character development and growth in higher education setting. Published half- yearly, the MVSIT-Technoledge encouraegis the submission of manuscripts from a wide range of academic and professional fields related to science, technology and management.

Editorial Board


Dr. Sanjay Kumar | Professor M.E. | Email: ,


Ms. Kavita Garg | Assistant Professor Maths | Email:

Editorial Board Members:

- Mr. Rajeev Kumar Gupta | Assistant Professor M.E. | email:
- Ms. Bharti Seth | Assistant Professor Maths | email:
- Ms. Monica Bazzad | Assistant Professor M.E. | email:
- Ms. Divya Joshi| Assistant Professor C.S.E. | email:
- Mr. Samik Sharma | Assistant Professor C.E. | email: