To oversee and implement MVSIT‘s Student Learning Initiative as described in the strategic plan. Work with the MVSIT Board and other MVSIT units to create a comprehensive approach to student learning and information literacy efforts including a) promote and facilitate professional development, publications, research, and advocacy related to information literacy and student learning; b) support the development of the MVSIT student learning/information literacy website; and c) monitor and assess the effectiveness of the MVSIT Student Learning Initiative. The fest featured inspirational guest lectures by eminent personalities like S.S. Mantha a multitude of literary events, with the modern twist that made it all the more special. We hope that success of MVSIT inspires a new generation of literature enthusiasts, and inculcates a literary culture in the College!


Research Methodology

A two-day workshop was conducted by the college dated: 29th Dec-30th Dec 2017. The workshop was on Research Methodology which was organized for the faculty members and faculty from other colleges was invited too. The lecture was delivered by Prof. J. S. Saini & Dr. Abid. It was a fruitful and a motivational workshop for the faculty members.

Training & Placement Opportunity in Refrigeration & Airconditioning

Prof. A.K. Saluda from Advance Ventilation was invited by the college on 19th Jan 2017. He addressed B.TECH students of ME branch. The workshop was conducted on Training & Placement Opportunity in Refrigeration & air conditioning. Students had a great experience with the workshop.