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Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Sanjay Kumar
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A thought that has been enduring in mind when it becomes real; is truly an interesting and exciting experience”. Darpan was one such cherished work that had its roots in the persuasion. It would be a snapshot of the various activities and advancements for all associated with MVSIT. This newsletter will serve to reinforce and allow increased awareness, improved interaction, and integration among all of us.

Editorial Board


Dr. Sanjay Kumar | Professor M.E. | Email: skbhardwaj19711971@gmail.com , mvsitpublishing@msitsnp.in


Ms. Kavita Garg | Assistant Professor Maths | Email: Kavita13.bits@gmail.com


- Mr. Rajiv Dahiya | Assistant Professor E.C.E. | email: rajivdahiya2@gmail.com
- Ms. Madhu Gautam | Assistant Professor C.S.E. | email: madhunain@gmail.com
- Mr. Rajeev Kumar Gupta | Assistant Professor M.E. | email: rajeevg10@gmail.com
- Ms. Bharti Seth | Assistant Professor Maths | email: bhartikalra.iitd@gmail.com
- Mr. Mohan Tiwari | Assistant Professor Civil | email: mohan.tiwari1943@gmail.com