Industrial visit to Panasonic industries IndiaECE &EE DEPTT (23-10-2019)

Panasonic, one of the Global leading Electronics and electronics Appliances Company. It was established in 1918 at Osaka, Japan.
The students of ECE & EE went to Panasonic Pvt. Ltd company at Jhajjar, Haryana. It is spread over in Acres of land and divided in three parts Welding, appliances and the last was assembling. We were taken to the welding area. There we saw sheet metal processes through which parts of welding machines are made a powder coating machine was also there in which paint was charged with positive or negative charge and body was charged to opposite charge which allows the paint to be permanent on the surface. There we saw 4 types of welding machines in which one was robot welding. It has three parts one is robotic arm, other is circuitry and the last was control panel. All the instructions are given through the panel which are processed at circuitry part And are executed by the arm. The arm has six axises which allows it to move upto 360°.The other welding machines were arc welding machines, TIG welding machine, MIG/MAG welding machine and Plasma cutting machines, we were shown the welding processes also.