Prof. Samik Sharma believes Civil Engineers have a huge role to play in the growth of our Nation.

Being a civil engineer is not like being any other professional; you are responsible for the dreams and aspirations of country and its people. So you can’t expect an easy office job, but if you are passionate about it, the results can be rewarding,” says Mr. Samik Sharma, Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department at MVSIT. Similar to his research interest in ‘Strengthening of continuous reinforced concrete by using fibre reinforced concrete’ he believes in the true fibre of education system and building a strong foundation for engineers of tomorrow. After all, according to him they can go ahead and shape the dreams of the Nation. Here’s how he sees his and his college’s role in the process.

Engineering where heart is
Prof. Sharma who teaches a range of subjects including Steel Structure, Design of Reinforced Concrete, Strength of Material, Estimating costing and Quality Control, Structural Analysis, took to engineering over 10 years ago. A Gold Medalist in M. Tech at MD University, his passion for the stream is evident. “I took to engineering because I was good at Math, which is a God given gift. It is something I have thoroughly enjoyed every step of the way. All civil engineers have to be good at problem recognition, breakdown and solving,” he adds.

Transferring his passion onto students
An avid researcher, who can work on 2-3 papers every year, Prof. Sharma talks of the support he gets from MVSIT. He highlights the importance of the well equipped library, which offers him the resource material he needs. How does he and his college develop similar passion for engineering amongst students? “With my research I can pass know knowledge about things I love to my students. A mix of visual presentations and on-site practical training helps us give our students well-rounded exposure. Students also participate in cultural activities and have the best facilities for sporting pursuits, which builds their personality,” he asserts.

Fulfilling the demand for future professionals
Prof. Sharma, an idealist, believes every student should be a competent engineer and noble human being who will serve the country as a son of soil. He tries to back his beliefs up with mentoring of his students. He admits that the industry wants engineers, who have additional knowledge of Software and are abreast with latest inventions and technologies. But he believes “The career of civil engineers will be bright in near future due to several projects being taken up; Rapid Railways and smart cities, irrigation projects etc. You have endless possibilities ahead of you.” Now that’s called having strong foundation and spreading your wings too.