Article's By Faculty Members

Dr. Rajiv Dahiya

HOD, Department of Elec. & Comm. Engg.

What Do Future Engineers Need To Have
The Competitive Edge And How Does...

Mr. Samik Sharma

A.P. ,Department of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers have a huge role to
play in the growth of our Nation...

Ms. Ruchika Doda

A.P. ,Department of Elec. & Comm. Engg.

What role does Creativity play in

Ms. Rekha Rana

A.P., Department of Electrical Engg.EE

Your desire to succeed should be greater
than your fear of failure...

Ms. Monika Bazzad

A.P.,Department of Mechanical Engg.

What’s ahead for engineering –
An industry perspective...

Mr. Hemant Upadhyay

HOD , Department of Mechanical Engg.

Changing with time: Faculty’s Role in
Delivering and Shaping a Student’s ...

5 Incredible ways in which
Technology is going to change
the Future Forever