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Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Barjesh Kochar
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CIVIL ESTRELLA & MECHBRAZEN (IJECM) is an open access publication affiliated to the Allied Business Academies. The Editorial Board of the IJECM exercises complete control over the editorial content of the Journal and the Journal is currently published thrice a year. IJECM invites authors to submit manuscripts throughout the year to get accommodated in any of these editions. The Journal welcomes participants in its associated conferences to submit their manuscripts for accelerated review.

Editorial Board


Dr. Barjesh Kochar
  • Professor, C.S.E. | Email:
  • Editor:

    Mr. Hemant Upadhyay
  • Assistant Professor, HOD M.E. | Email:
  • Editorial Board Members:

    Mr. Lalit Vashishth,
  • Assistant Professor, HOD M.E. | email:
  • Ms. Monica Bazzad
  • Assistant Professor, M.E. | email:
  • Mr. Vinay Kumar
  • Assistant Professor, M.E. |email:
  • Mr. Shamik Sharma
  • Assistant Professor, C.E. | email:
  • Mr. Kushal
  • Assistant Professor, C.E. |email: