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Editor-in-Chief: Prof.  Dr. Barjesh Kochar
ISSN Online: To Be Applied
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MVSIT- ELECTRO-INFINITY is an expository journal aimed at recent advancements in Science, Technology and Management. the world is changing very rapidly - in many different ways. In particular, communication among scientists has been forever changed by the advent of e-mail, the World Wide Web, and electronic journals. Hypercube, as a scientific software developer, is taking a first step along a new path by bringing you Electro-Infinity. We hope this new journal fills a gap. We expect to learn a lot as you, our readers, tell us what you like about Electro-Infinity, in the same way that we learn from what you tell us about our software..

Editorial Board


Dr. Barjesh Kochar
  • Professor, C.S.E. | Email: principaldirector@msitsnp.in
  • Editor:

    Dr Rajiv Dahiya
  • Assistant Professor, HOD E.C.E. | Email: rajivdahiya2@gmail.com
  • Editorial Board Members:

    Ms. Ruchika Doda
  • Assistant Professor, E.C.E. | email: dodaruchika@gmail.com
  • Mr. Ankur Jain
  • Assistant Professor, M.E. | email: antilravi6519@gmail.com
  • Mr. Ravi Antil
  • Assistant Professor, E.E. | email: antilravi6519@gmail.com
  • Ms. Kanika
  • Assistant Professor, HOD Applied Science |email: kanika.malhotra14@gmail.com