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Editor-in-Chief: Prof.  Dr. Barjesh Kochar
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The journal has a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary issues as we’re conscious that many complex problems in the built environment require multi-disciplinary solutions. Interdisciplinary research is often difficult to publish in specialized journals and part of NJCS’s aim is to capture high-quality work that doesn’t clearly fall within the remit of other journals focusing on research related to the built environment.

Editorial Board


Dr. Barjesh Kochar
  • Professor, C.S.E. | Email:
  • Editor:

    Ms. Nisha Tayal
  • Assistant Professor,C.S.E. | Email:
  • Editorial Board Members:

    Ms. Shruti Ahuja
  • Assistant Professor, HOD C.S.E. | email:
  • Ms. Rajni Sharma
  • Assistant Professor, C.S.E. | email:
  • Ms. Tanisha Madan
  • Assistant Professor, C.S.E. |email: