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MVSIT-Trek Tech with its unique creative license will certainly attain a blazing success in grabbing esteemed readership. The first issue is brimmed with various value-added articles . By maintaining the respect and interest of its readers, the magazine aspires ultimately to inform their opinion of the College and to strengthen their commitment to its welfare. suggestions and comments

Editorial Board


Dr. Rajesh Gargi
  • Professor, C.S.E. | Email:
  • Editor:

    Ms. Monika Bazzad
  • Assistant Professor, Mech. | Email:
  • Editorial Board Members:

    Ms. Poonam Jakhar
  • Assistant Professor, ASH | Email:
  • Ms. Ruchika
  • Assistant Professor, E.C.E. | email:
  • Mr. Mohan Tiwari
  • Associate Professor, HOD C.E. |email: